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And more ^_^ Look what happens when I'm bored at work. I'm just beginning to get my feel for these characters back. Expect more, especially as this is Arcadian weather. For information, the little conversation between them in the middle is based on their knowledge that you can't kill a ringed Lord - they just get up again after a few minutes (unringed, it's more complicated).

Title: The Music Room
Words: 2173 (*blinks* Wow. Didn't feel that much when I was writing)
Prompt: Music box
Summary: The Lords of Fire, before the Lords fall. About as sweet and fluffy as Arcady pieces get.

They had been taught the waltz, amongst the mass of arcane knowledge their tutors deemed essential )

Happy Tuesday ^_^


Jul. 17th, 2006 07:17 pm
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Hmm, only two I haven't finished now - flare is turning into a major piece and music box is on my work machine (more Arcady!)

Title: Waterfall
Words: 671
Prompt: falling
Summary: The crew of the Ardent Tamarisk find a waterfall. Silly sweet.

a waterfall crashed out of the cliff side, filling the air with glowing spray )


Jun. 15th, 2006 09:30 pm
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Title: Return
Words: 1502
Mini-Challenge Prompt: absent friends
Notes: Wow. I have no idea where this came from. I've been working on something similar for the last couple of days, and this suddenly grabbed me at lunch time. Until then, I thought the costumed League had ceased to exist in the 31st century. Looks like I was wrong.
Summary: Life's about to change in Snakepit City.

She needed to change the colours. Grey and rust were for another city, another age. )
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*waves* Hello. Still alive, just mad busy.

And I finally managed to write something for the lilac challenge. ^_^ I'll be doing a round-up and issuing a new challenge tomorrow, unless anyone else has a prompt they want to throw to the masses.

Here you are. Short (very short) and sweet. Or, well, short and creepy.

The Lilacs of Col Astarra: 519 words )


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