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I thought it might be rather helpful to have a masterlist giving some indication of where and when everything fits, especially as my WIPs are going up here, but individual pieces are still gathered on Elfwood. I've taken 2009 (the year of Tiger's birth) as Year 0, as more than one universe is involved, and date conversion makes my brain hurt. So, just for reference:

Chronicles of the Light )


Hello 2012!

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:33 am
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Here's hoping it's going to be a good year, full of wonderful and unexpected things.

My New Year's Resolutions are a bit vague this year. I'm giving up on the idea of committing myself to anything specific, given my life is already creaking at the seams. I'm going to focus on being healthy, in the hopes that will lift my energy levels enough to let me do a few more of the many things I want to do. Also, no marking after 8pm .

On a less reflective note, a couple of fun reads. Both from the Yuletide fic exchange, but more meta than anything. Both apply the Tough Guide to Fantasyland approach to sub-genres of fantasy, the first to low fantasy and the second to urban fantasy. I thought some of you might appreciate the humour.

A Special Limited-Time Offer (1059 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Tough Guide to Fantasyland - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: It's the adventure you've been waiting for!

The Tough Guide to Fantasy Cities (2803 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Tough Guide to Fantasyland - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: You will not encounter any rustic taverns, bards, or bowls of stew on these tours! Instead, expect nightclubs, rock singers, and lots of gourmet coffee.

Right, off to actually finish my NaNo now that Christmas is over *stopped mid-sentence when she hit 50k*
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Imagine, for a moment, that it is 1993. Our scene is the centre of Reading, a large town in the Thames Valley. The town centre has been partially pedestrianised, but redevelopment has not yet started in earnest. The shops along the central road, Broad Street, are all chain shops - shoes, clothes, two branches of Boots the Chemist, a WHSmith. Just off Broad Street, things are tattier, awaiting the start of work on the new shopping centre which finally opened in 1999. It is mid-afternoon, not yet three, and the first wave of school children are making their way back to the bus stops and the station. This first wave is all female, from the local grammar school which has a compressed timetable and so finishes early. They're trailing into town, some straight along the road to head up to the station, others peeling off to take a shortcut over the canal and up the sidestreets towards their bus stops. They stop at shops along the way to buy sweets and magazines. A few of the older girls are digging cigarettes out of their bags, planning to hang around and wait for the boys' school to finish.

In amongst this crowd are two very earnest twelve year girls. Their rucksacks are stuffed with books and homework, heavy enough that they have both shoulder straps on, rather than carrying them casually over one shoulder. One of these girls is very neat, the other scruffy, but both have skirts which fall down past their knees (a terrible fashion faux pas - normal girls asked their mums to take their hems up as many inches as they could get away with).

There is a point in here, I promise )
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I've been working on the Chronicles of the Light masterlist today - it's now fully up to date and includes links to drabbles and snippets too. Doing that made me realise that I had quite a bit of writing which didn't fit into that list. So here, for the first time, is...

The Great Big Masterlist of Everything Else )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Final part, so you're safe from spam for a while ;)

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown (4/4)
Words: 4471

Do not fear for me, featherling. If I should meet my death, it should be upon the wing, carried on the glory of the wind. It is nothing more than flying free at last. )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

And the third part, which mostly concerns Aylili's past. Also, to all feral children, a bath must come. ^_^

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown (3/4)
Words: 5675

The moon was full and bright and she could see the shadows on its skin. Dimly, she wondered how something so scarred could shine so brightly. )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

And the second part. In which Nimbus proves an excellent fishmonger, the bombardment starts again, and we hear of the fates of the Saisorhi of Isola...

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown
Words: 4973
Warnings: Again, alcohol abuse, anguish

Across the dying fire Nimbus sat shaking. His arms were locked around his legs and his wings were quivering, every feather shivering. )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

I still feel that this is my signature piece. It was one of the few I still had up on my Elfy shelf, and now that's gone, I wanted to put it up here. Apologies for spamming those who are already familiar with it. I'm doing a quick tidying job on it, mostly to fix continuity errors which have arisen since I wrote it. I didn't know very much about the Saisorhi back in 2004 (oh, blissful days!), so I got a few things wrong in the original version of this.

For those who've not encountered this before, this is Nimbus' debut. Aylili is a semi-feral child living on the rooftops of the besieged city of Isola, but when a mysterious and extraordinary stranger appears on her roofs, she begins to face her past. Featuring creepy nursery rhymes, roof-running and drunken antics on washing lines.

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown (1/4)
Words: 6010
Warnings: Um, drunkeness? Verbosity?

Witness the incomparable Nimbus, terroriser of children, scourge of the starving, harasser of the harmless! O, who will sing of the glorious deed! )
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Title: Calculations
Words: 3144
Challenge: The revisionist challenge!
Notes: Done! Total length 15673 words! Haven't managed anything that long for a while :)

Part One Part Two Part Three

They had to duck under the flags to climb onto the stage, and when the wind blew the ends of the banners flicked out to smack their backs and shoulders )
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Title: Calculations
Words: 3686
Challenge: The revisionist challenge!
Notes: And more! I decided that I wouldn't go to bed until I'd finished this. Unfortunately I didn't actually get going on it again until midnight, so I'll probably have to renege on that promise (although, to be honest, how much point is there in going to bed now? It's past dawn)

Part 1 Part 2

As she gazed out of a window high in the palace, she caught a glimpse of auburn hair and a blue shield in the courtyard below )
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Title: Calculations
Words: 4418
Challenge: The revisionist challenge!
Notes: And it keeps on growing. Most of the original cast have decided to come and play. More ex-Mary Sues to come in part three...

Part One

There was no fear in his face, but she was sure they schooled them in stoicism at the academies. )
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Title: Calculations
Words: 4422
Challenge: The revisionist challenge!
Notes: Yes, this is my original world, polished up significantly. Angeline and Zaniel were the cousins of one of my Mary Sue main characters. Robert is the brother of another. Zaniel is responsible for the original demise of this story - he kept strolling in unannounced, stealing every scene he was in and presenting my heroes with awkward ethical dilemmas. He hasn't changed much - this story wasn't even supposed to be about him ;)
There will probably be two or three parts to this - it keeps growing!
Be warned - clich├ęs and romance!

We cannot all serve our country with sword and shield )
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Rec: Gunnerkrigg Court )

Regret )

Challenge: 25 Expressions )

Happy Saturday ^_^
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I went to a lot of very dull lectures this week. As sleeping in lectures is frightfully rude, I wrote this to keep myself awake (it entertained the people reading over my shoulder too ^_^).

Title: Hostilities
Words: 1462
Prompt: hostile
Notes: Caria and Jerrioh are Tad and Istellon's siblings. Caria is second oldest, after Tad, and Jerrioh is the fourth.

This is the only place the plant grows. How was I supposed to know it was infested with undead? )
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Yes! I wrote something! It is admittedly a wee bit cheesy and has silly names in it, but that's because it was done for a practice reading exam for my Year Nines (who won't appreciate it). It also had to fit onto a side of A4 *eye-roll* I've also done a newspaper report and a page from a history textbook on the same events, but they'd take too long to htmlise. I thought it might entertain you guys, in all its silliness.

The Bloody Masque )

Happy Almost-Tuesday, all ^_^ How're you all? Did everyone who needed to remember that the clocks changed?
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One of the things I find most frustrating (and sometimes most rewarding) about writing is the story that won't get off the ground. For the last couple of weeks I've been struggling with a story about Lynx and Lia during their early years in the Ninth Legion. I've written out a careful and detailed plan, and sketched out the background information. On the surface, it seems to have all the ingredients a short story needs - a problem to be overcome, fun worldbuilding, Lyn and Lia being snarky and Saisorhi having porridge fights. Unfortunately, it's just not working.

So I tried to work out why )
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And more ^_^ Look what happens when I'm bored at work. I'm just beginning to get my feel for these characters back. Expect more, especially as this is Arcadian weather. For information, the little conversation between them in the middle is based on their knowledge that you can't kill a ringed Lord - they just get up again after a few minutes (unringed, it's more complicated).

Title: The Music Room
Words: 2173 (*blinks* Wow. Didn't feel that much when I was writing)
Prompt: Music box
Summary: The Lords of Fire, before the Lords fall. About as sweet and fluffy as Arcady pieces get.

They had been taught the waltz, amongst the mass of arcane knowledge their tutors deemed essential )

Happy Tuesday ^_^


Jul. 17th, 2006 07:17 pm
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Hmm, only two I haven't finished now - flare is turning into a major piece and music box is on my work machine (more Arcady!)

Title: Waterfall
Words: 671
Prompt: falling
Summary: The crew of the Ardent Tamarisk find a waterfall. Silly sweet.

a waterfall crashed out of the cliff side, filling the air with glowing spray )


Jul. 17th, 2006 03:19 pm
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And more. I started this one before I wrote Return with no idea what was going on, but a vague feeling it might be part of something bigger. Return then used the same themes and kind of invalidated this a little. It only took a sentence to finish, thouhg, and it works in its own right, so I thought I'd share.

Title: Puppetry
Words: 942
Prompt: west
Summary: Someone's playing games. Late League era - c. 15000 AD

The city lay below her. )
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*waves* Hullo. How's everyone? My internet is technically back, but it's too bloody hot for my muses (which have declared technicoloured high fantasy or nought) so don't expect much. ^_^

Title: Translations
Words: 854
Prompt: Transcription (except I got it in my head that it was transliteration but I think the story's general enough to work for both
Summary: Words below water in the Serene Court of Arcady

strange languages unfurling beneath her fingers )

Happy Monday ^_^


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