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he next Atlantis story. Juliet Kobuta has made a new life for herself, both as an actress and as the League hero Titania. But she cannot hide from her past forever...
Thanks are owed to Becca Lusher for this one - I wouldn't have written yet if she hadn't asked. The finished thing! Titania's past and a few more mysteries.
WARNING! This went very dark on me in part two so beware.
Thanks are owed to my Mum for answering all my questions about theatre layout and providing me with some very useful ideas.

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Titania's tale continues. From high above the city she and Tiger venture into Darkness to confront her past and a new threat.
This scared me in places and I wrote it. It was suffering from plot holes which I could best fix in line with the themes by, er, killing people.
There are a lot of Midsummer's Night Dream references in this part. I've tried to make them subtle enough that you don't need to know the play to understand what's happening. If you do know the play, I'd love to know what you think because it was a bit of an experiment.
If this is what I do with MND I really need to go and read something gentle and non-violent. Like Macbeth. Or Hamlet.
Lynx and Sphinx are major characters who gatecrashed this story. Neither of them were due to show up yet but they enlivened things so I let them stay. *glances at stage* That might have been a mistake.

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May. 18th, 2004 09:30 pm
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Sometime in the later years of the League's history, Tiger and Sphinx are waiting for a hostage exchange. There's nothing for them to do but sit in the space station and wait together. After the first few hours Sphinx begins to talk....

Zaveka is a C'Tiri word formed of the runes for Balance and Justice. It means something between fair's fair and all's fair in love and war. It's usually said bitterly with a shrug. vashalar means 'better than brother'. It's used for very close friends, in-laws and, occasionally, lovers. Here it means 'foster-brother.'

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