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I thought it might be rather helpful to have a masterlist giving some indication of where and when everything fits, especially as my WIPs are going up here, but individual pieces are still gathered on Elfwood. I've taken 2009 (the year of Tiger's birth) as Year 0, as more than one universe is involved, and date conversion makes my brain hurt. So, just for reference:

Chronicles of the Light )

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Final part, so you're safe from spam for a while ;)

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown (4/4)
Words: 4471

Do not fear for me, featherling. If I should meet my death, it should be upon the wing, carried on the glory of the wind. It is nothing more than flying free at last. )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

And the third part, which mostly concerns Aylili's past. Also, to all feral children, a bath must come. ^_^

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown (3/4)
Words: 5675

The moon was full and bright and she could see the shadows on its skin. Dimly, she wondered how something so scarred could shine so brightly. )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

And the second part. In which Nimbus proves an excellent fishmonger, the bombardment starts again, and we hear of the fates of the Saisorhi of Isola...

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown
Words: 4973
Warnings: Again, alcohol abuse, anguish

Across the dying fire Nimbus sat shaking. His arms were locked around his legs and his wings were quivering, every feather shivering. )
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

I still feel that this is my signature piece. It was one of the few I still had up on my Elfy shelf, and now that's gone, I wanted to put it up here. Apologies for spamming those who are already familiar with it. I'm doing a quick tidying job on it, mostly to fix continuity errors which have arisen since I wrote it. I didn't know very much about the Saisorhi back in 2004 (oh, blissful days!), so I got a few things wrong in the original version of this.

For those who've not encountered this before, this is Nimbus' debut. Aylili is a semi-feral child living on the rooftops of the besieged city of Isola, but when a mysterious and extraordinary stranger appears on her roofs, she begins to face her past. Featuring creepy nursery rhymes, roof-running and drunken antics on washing lines.

Title: Dandelion and Thistledown (1/4)
Words: 6010
Warnings: Um, drunkeness? Verbosity?

Witness the incomparable Nimbus, terroriser of children, scourge of the starving, harasser of the harmless! O, who will sing of the glorious deed! )
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I went to a lot of very dull lectures this week. As sleeping in lectures is frightfully rude, I wrote this to keep myself awake (it entertained the people reading over my shoulder too ^_^).

Title: Hostilities
Words: 1462
Prompt: hostile
Notes: Caria and Jerrioh are Tad and Istellon's siblings. Caria is second oldest, after Tad, and Jerrioh is the fourth.

This is the only place the plant grows. How was I supposed to know it was infested with undead? )
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Well, this was going to be the start of [ profile] paantha's Tad and Istellon dialogue, but it refused to go that way. However, it did turn out to stand alone reasonably well and shed some light on the events leading up to Wind's Road.

So, here's Tad, and one of his colleagues, a few weeks before the start of The Wind's Road...

Assignments )
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Yes, at long last ^_^

I can't actually remember how long ago it was that I promised this - well before Christmas, at any rate. So, I started a story, with a chat between Tad and one of his colleagues which was supposed to lead in to his talk with Istellon. I got to the end of the first conversation, and it stalled.

Today, I finally twigged that I should be writing a different conversation between these two. After all, they've known each other since Istellon was born, so they've obviously had more than one conversation in their lives.

So, here you are. Istellon's been dumped, and Tad's trying to cheer him up.

Advice )

I will also post the other conversation, which doesn't involve Istellon, as it connects nicely to Wind's Road. I just need to get home and find the full version (I only have a bit of it on my work computer)
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The next part of the new Nimbus and Aylili story for [ profile] saiena. Part one is here. I'm expecting to have the same amount again. The completed version will probably go straight to my Wyvern's Shelf.

WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS. Do NOT read this if you haven't read Dandelion and Thistledown

Also, if you're squeamish (I'm not) don't read this while you're eating.

She was stranded in the countryside. Nimbus thought she was her mother. And now she had a ghost in the kitchen. She was beginning to wish she had never left the roofs. )

So, that's what I'm up to. Anyone surprised?
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The first half of a little story for [ profile] saiena. A sequel to Dandelion and Thistledown because you went and said you'd missed Nimbus and inspiration bit. Hard.

(Warning to any folks who haven't read Dandelion and Thistledown - read it first - there are MASSIVE spoilers in here and you won't understand half of it if you haven't met these two before. You have been warned.)

I don't have a title yet so here it is:

She would not turn back to the refuge of the city behind her. She would not give up, though she could barely see through the gloaming. Isola was safe. Isola was warm. Isola meant nothing unless she found him. )


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