Jun. 15th, 2006 09:30 pm
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Title: Return
Words: 1502
Mini-Challenge Prompt: absent friends
Notes: Wow. I have no idea where this came from. I've been working on something similar for the last couple of days, and this suddenly grabbed me at lunch time. Until then, I thought the costumed League had ceased to exist in the 31st century. Looks like I was wrong.
Summary: Life's about to change in Snakepit City.

She needed to change the colours. Grey and rust were for another city, another age. )
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As all I'd managed to acheive by 11pm was to buy a book, read said book and make more Nimbus icons, I decided I'd better do something to make the day worth staying awake through. Therefore, another little snippet. This one really was written in 45 minutes, including research but not proof-reading.

In the previous episode Ocelot and Tiger were searching for a lead after a string of dead half-human chimaeras were discovered on the docks of Atlantis. Ocelot encountered the mysterious Mr Nix and attempted to procure an invitation...

Episode Two (863 words) )


Nov. 16th, 2005 07:48 pm
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I have too many WIPs and I can't seem to finish any of them. Of course playing with the new version of the eLouai dollmaker hasn't helped my productivity at all however relaxing it is after a stressful few days. I ended up making new dolls of Tiger and Ocelot and threw together a quick picture of the two of them, supposedly at some society do in Atlantis.

That added more characters to all those clamouring for attention. To fix that and prove that I can finish something I just gave myself 45 minutes to write something in that setting. I actually took an hour and a quarter to finish this but that includes the time I spent fact checking. Apologies if it sounds rushed.

There may have to be a sequel next time I need to clear my mind. I have a nasty feeling I may have to dig out an article on chimaeras as well because I only half-know what they are.

Chimaera (1491 words) )


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