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*pokes snippet* Hmm. If all else fails, I'm still an Arthurian geek. Yes, I know I said red hot pokers would be required to make me write any more from this setting, but...

Setting: The Charnel house of St Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London-Under-the-Water, about 100 years from now. Jenny, Artie and Lance are about fourteen here, and an adventure has not quite gone as planned...

Note: I haven't actually been into the crypt of St Bride's, so this may be inaccurate. I'm fairly confident that it would be very close to a resurgent River Fleet, especially in the sort of disaster scenario I set up in The Flowering of the May.

1458 words

Below the Fleet )
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It's not very often fantasy writers get to walk the ground their stories are set in. Yesterday I did just that. My Hawthorn story begins in London. Unfortunately, all my research led me to the conclusion that it had to start in Westminster. I barely know that end of London. I'd had been confident writing anything set in the West End or Holborn or even the City. I haven't been to Westminster for years and I've spent the last few days with maps spread out around me as I write. Even Google Earth, wondrous as it is, couldn't tell me all I needed to know, so Mum and I thought we'd go up sometime next week.

Yesterday we were supposed to be going to Portsmouth for shopping and to climb the Spinnaker tower and see the views over the Solent. However, when I woke up it was -2° (about as cold as it gets over here) and was forecast to stay that way, even on the coast. So, at the last minute, we decided to go to London instead.

Yup, another of those entries which starts with a map )


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