Jun. 15th, 2006 09:30 pm
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Title: Return
Words: 1502
Mini-Challenge Prompt: absent friends
Notes: Wow. I have no idea where this came from. I've been working on something similar for the last couple of days, and this suddenly grabbed me at lunch time. Until then, I thought the costumed League had ceased to exist in the 31st century. Looks like I was wrong.
Summary: Life's about to change in Snakepit City.

She needed to change the colours. Grey and rust were for another city, another age. )
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I was having a nice relaxed weekend. Nothing had particularly grabbed me, writing-wise, so I was catching up with comments and tackling Wallflower and Juniper. With my head full of Saisorhi, I went to check the description of Solan in Hollow Stars.

Yes, Hollow Stars. The dead WIP.

The dead WIP with a Lazurus complex.

After it had finished jumping on me, rubbing my face in the mud and laughing, I realised the blasted thing has finally acquired a coherent plot (the lack of which was the main factor in keeping it dead). In view of that, I made purty hero pictures of the characters; did a thorough edit and comma-ify; finished the third chapter; and moved it all over here. Hence it will be the first thing to get deleted off Elfy.

Solan, Nerit, Ria, Caroline and Ben )

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Chapter 3: Realisation )
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There had been Arslans in the League long before the Fleet ever existed.

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Chapter 2: Leviathan )
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Floating alone in space, she tries desperately to remember who she is and what happened to her...

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Chapter 1: Adrift )


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