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I thought it might be rather helpful to have a masterlist giving some indication of where and when everything fits, especially as my WIPs are going up here, but individual pieces are still gathered on Elfwood. I've taken 2009 (the year of Tiger's birth) as Year 0, as more than one universe is involved, and date conversion makes my brain hurt. So, just for reference:

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As all I'd managed to acheive by 11pm was to buy a book, read said book and make more Nimbus icons, I decided I'd better do something to make the day worth staying awake through. Therefore, another little snippet. This one really was written in 45 minutes, including research but not proof-reading.

In the previous episode Ocelot and Tiger were searching for a lead after a string of dead half-human chimaeras were discovered on the docks of Atlantis. Ocelot encountered the mysterious Mr Nix and attempted to procure an invitation...

Episode Two (863 words) )


Nov. 16th, 2005 07:48 pm
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I have too many WIPs and I can't seem to finish any of them. Of course playing with the new version of the eLouai dollmaker hasn't helped my productivity at all however relaxing it is after a stressful few days. I ended up making new dolls of Tiger and Ocelot and threw together a quick picture of the two of them, supposedly at some society do in Atlantis.

That added more characters to all those clamouring for attention. To fix that and prove that I can finish something I just gave myself 45 minutes to write something in that setting. I actually took an hour and a quarter to finish this but that includes the time I spent fact checking. Apologies if it sounds rushed.

There may have to be a sequel next time I need to clear my mind. I have a nasty feeling I may have to dig out an article on chimaeras as well because I only half-know what they are.

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Sparrow learns her captors' plans. Elaine and Andy join the League in the desperate search to save her.
If you enjoyed this try Pale Sisters, the sequel.

Sparrow )
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In the city of Atlantis superheroes swing the streets at night and down on the docks cloners breed assassins. A superhero is trapped by her enemies. Meanwhile, her younger sister is having strange dreams...
The prequel to Pale Sisters. All comments welcome.
These are my favourites - any comments are gladly received.

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he next Atlantis story. Juliet Kobuta has made a new life for herself, both as an actress and as the League hero Titania. But she cannot hide from her past forever...
Thanks are owed to Becca Lusher for this one - I wouldn't have written yet if she hadn't asked. The finished thing! Titania's past and a few more mysteries.
WARNING! This went very dark on me in part two so beware.
Thanks are owed to my Mum for answering all my questions about theatre layout and providing me with some very useful ideas.

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Titania's tale continues. From high above the city she and Tiger venture into Darkness to confront her past and a new threat.
This scared me in places and I wrote it. It was suffering from plot holes which I could best fix in line with the themes by, er, killing people.
There are a lot of Midsummer's Night Dream references in this part. I've tried to make them subtle enough that you don't need to know the play to understand what's happening. If you do know the play, I'd love to know what you think because it was a bit of an experiment.
If this is what I do with MND I really need to go and read something gentle and non-violent. Like Macbeth. Or Hamlet.
Lynx and Sphinx are major characters who gatecrashed this story. Neither of them were due to show up yet but they enlivened things so I let them stay. *glances at stage* That might have been a mistake.

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