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I've been working on the Chronicles of the Light masterlist today - it's now fully up to date and includes links to drabbles and snippets too. Doing that made me realise that I had quite a bit of writing which didn't fit into that list. So here, for the first time, is...

The Great Big Masterlist of Everything Else


Epic fantasy, centered around the story of the Fall of the Lords of Life and Death. The Lords have ruled the Earth since time out of mind, passing their power from generation to generation. Seven years before the start of The Road to Arcady, their government collapses into civil war. The books are centred around the aftermath as the remaining Lords try to find a place in the new world.

Fiolla Fiolla, before the Fall.

Meeting Stefan drabble.

Pastry Sarah drabble, before the Fall.

The Music Room - The Lords of Fire, before the Fall.

Flowers - Fiolla drabble, before the Fall.

Wroth - Annawn drabble, before the Fall.

Berries Sarah and Callisto drabble, before the Fall.

Tennis - the Lady of the Serene Court drabble, after the Fall.

Translations - the Lady of the Serene Court, Arcady, after the Fall.

Needle - Robert drabble, after the Fall.

First Chapter: He is eternity: shadow-walker Stefan, Tala, Marius, after the Fall.

Arthurian Stories

Stories connected to the Matter of Britain, mostly to the death or return of Arthur.

The Flowering of the May - 1: Rhys 2: Nim 3: Morgan 4: Weyland 5: Vivienne 6: Artur

Rhys Ambrose wakes in a flooded London with no memories of his past life. Why is he dreaming of hawthorns? Who are the women who insist on helping him on his way? And can they escape London before the flood sweep them away?

The Fleet in Flood - in which Artie, Jenny and Lance have an adventure in London-Under-the-Water.

Ferry - Artie drabble.


Swansong - a WWII retelling of Seven Swans.

Prologue and 1


aka. The Teenage Monstrosity. Think of a cliche, it's in here. But when I came back to it, I found I still had a soft spot for a few of them, and Zaniel is fun.

Calculations - 1 2 3 4


Reflections: Oxford


Static - each little shock of numbness was a not-so-lost piece of who she used to be falling back into place


The Lilacs of Col Astarra

The Bloody Masque - written for a reading comprehension - beware silly names!

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