Jul. 28th, 2008

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It's amazing how fast it gets dark. I've been sitting out here on my patio for a while. Five minutes ago I decided to go back inside because I was getting cold. It was so warm inside that I came back out, this time with my poor, overheating laptop for company. In those five minutes, late dusk has become full night.

It's been another still, sweltering day. Tucked away up here, it's not too bad, but I ventured out in search of fresh fruit and vegetables this afternoon. Down in the town centre, the streets smelt of traffic and dirt as if the pavements were sweating. Only the discovery of nice, plump peppers and sweet plums made it worth while (and, of course, two big plastic jugs to make iced tea in).

Later, I decided to venture out into the cool of the evening with my after-dinner glass of wine. I was planning to use the last of the light to read more about the Persian Wars. It was a beautiful evening, with the sky half-filled with soft, watermark blue clouds and half golden with the sunset. It was the sort of sky you half-think you could reach out and smudge with your hand.

As I was reading, I realised that the flicker I could see in the corner of my eye wasn't the security lamp on the side of the Conservative Club. It was lightning, so far away that I couldn't hear thunder.

Even after it was too dark to read, I kept watching it. No one else seemed aware of it. I could hear laughter and the clatter of plates from one of the neighbouring flats. A woman in high heels walked across the empty car park below. The man two doors down came out onto his patio and started pruning his hanging baskets.

I was the only one watching patches of the sky silently turn gold and silver.

The lightning has faded now, and I really am going inside, because there are suddenly specks of rain on my screen.

Edit: Hurrah for dancing in torrential rain! In the dark! *goes to find a towel*


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